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All Before and After photos are of work performed by professionals of Ecora LLC.


 In an effort to serve our customers even better, Ecora offers a variety of Additional Home and Commercial Services that assist in the maintenance of property and pest management. By offering these services we are able to meet more of our customers needs and do pest control that much better. For more information on additional services, call 425-903-3344.



Window Cleaning

(Everyone wants to be able to see out of the  windows in their home but not everyone knows how or even wants to clean them. When windows, their tracks and sills get dirty over time. It traps moisture and attracts various insect pests. It is good practice to clean the windows at least once anually. Although many people choose to clean their windows inside and outside once a year and outside 2-3 additional times a year. Ecora has the knowledge, experience and tools to clean residiential and commercial windows.  We brush/clean the tracks and Sills, wash the glass by hand with a queegee, window cleaner solution. We can clean windows with hard water stains, and can remove calcium build up. We will brush clean your screens or wash by hand depending on your preference.


Power Washing

( When dirt attaches to areas of your property, fungus, debris and moisture can have a negative impact on the asthetics of your home as well as create unintentional conducive conditions for pests.  Ecora can clean surfaces such as walkways, siding, driveways, fences, porches, decks and more.  Utilizing our toolbox of detergents, equipment and knowledge of the cleaning process we renew your surfaces  and help you enjoy your home more.


House Washing

(Overtime our structures will get dirty and will need cleaning. To prolong the life of your paint, roof, siding and to reduce pest attraction, it is best to wash the house regularly. Insurance companies will reccommend house washing every 2-3 years. When Ecora performs a house washing service, we utilize a low impact, powerful detergent solution and low to medium pressure rinsing as to not damage the structure. Roof washing always employs low pressure rinsing)


Gutter Cleaning

(Insects and rodents will be drawn to the gutters, especially when debris is present because it offers, food water and shelter.  Ecora can remove the leaves and debris from gutters by hand, with blower, vaccum, hose or power washer. We will always clean up a mess that we make in the process of gutter cleaning. Clean gutters further reduce conducive conditions that attract pests. How often your gutters need cleaned will depend on your situation, how your home sits with the trees and whether you have any gutter guards in place. Most customers choose either a semi anual or quarterly cleaning interval. Yes, even gutters with guards need cleaned.)


Dryer Vent Cleaning

( Dryer vents will naturally buildup lint debris. In addition to lint buildup,  birds, rodents and insects will often exacerbate the buildup as they often attempt to nest in the dryer vent for its moisture, heat and shelter.  Ecora can professionally clean your dryer vent utilizing a rotory system designed specificallyfor dryer vents, we clean dryer vents to prevent lint from building up and starting a fire. Insurance companies reccommend dryer vents be cleaned by a professional anually and/or no less than once every two years )




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