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Bedbug Heat Treatment | Everett, WA

If you have a Bedbug infestation, you are in need of professional bedbug service. Those who try and tackle the issue themselves often end up misusing chemical and creating a far bigger problem and still end up having to hire professionals.


When it comes to bedbug treatments,  there are three options, bedbug chemical treatment,  bedbug heat treatment or Combination treatment.   The Chemical option requires extensive preparation over multiple days by the homeowner/tenants,  thorough inspection, detailed chemical application and requires 2-4 visits spaced 14-21 days apart, you may also have to throw out heavily infested items.  With the heat option, preparation is still thorough but far less is required. The most important prep is ensuring all items that would not be good in a hot car are not in the home as we heat the core temp of the house to over 135 degrees F. for a specific period of time  to allow the heat to penetrate, killing bedbugs effectively.  Bedbugs or their eggs cannot survive the heat when applied properly.


We have specialized heaters and high temp fans that circulate heated air. To verify lethal temperatures, we place probes around the area being treated in the hardest to heat areas and wait for these areas to come to temp. Our probes reach temp and the clock begins. Additionally, during the treatment we go through and verify with thermal camera that all areas are reaching the temps we need. This option requires as little as 1 day of prep by the homeowner and 1 day of treatment by Ecora.  


Because the biggest issue with bedbugs and heat treatments are the possibilities for bedbugs to be reintroduced, we believe when dealing with bedbugs, it is best to utilize all available technologies and methods when approaching bedbug concerns. Therefore, we offer a combo treatment option  which is full heat with focus of heat as heat will kill all bedbug life cycles and their eggs when done properly and a strategic chemical residual application which will remain active for any potential reintroduction. If you need a bedbug inspection or treatment, Ecora Pest Control is here to help.


Whether your dealing with at the start of a bedbug issue or you've been dealing with the issue for some time, Ecora can eliminate bedbugs through heat treatment alone, chemical alone or a combo treatment.  Bedbugs are extremely difficult to control and require special attention and strict adherence to protocol. Ecora has developed a bedbug program with great success and we are confident we can help you with your bedbug treatment needs.  We offer standard warranties with every bedbug heat treatment  and  offer additional extended term warranties for purchase.  


Ecora does bedbug heat treatments in Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties, but provides heat treatment service as far north as the Canadian border and south as far as Vancouver, WA. We do heat treatments for houses, condos, apartments, businesses, restaurants, churches, offices, theaters, airlines, hotels. We utilize heat for roach clean outs at restaurants,  odor control, sanitation and heat treatments are even prescribed by Drs. to help alleviate asthmatic issues.


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