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Rodent Specialty & Remodel Management Service

Both in established homes and those just built, Rodents and other pests lead to work with just about every aspect of a home.  Because pests lead to corrective needs for many different aspects of the house system, Ecora offers repair and remodel service for the following and more:


Framing (rodents, ants, termites)

Siding (rodents, ants, termites, spiders, beetles)

Insulation (rodents)

Roofing (rodents, ants, termites)

Foundations (rodent, ants, )

Licensed Electrical Contracting (rodents)

Licensed Plumbing Contracting (rodents)

Licensed HVAC  Contracting (rodent)

Trim (rodent, bedbugs)

Wells (rodents, ants)

Septic/Sewer (rodents)

Painting (rodents, insects)

Drywall (rodent, termites, bedbugs)

Windows & Doors (rodents, insects)

Flooring (wood boring beetles)

Appliances  (rodents)

Landscaping (rodent & every other pest)

Fences/Decks (rodents, insects, animals)

Kitchen Remodels (rodents, insects)

Bathroom Remodels (rodents, insects) 


With no shortage of rodents in the area, in little time they cause significant damage and loss. Damage to sentimental items, loss in productivity, financial losses, even health issues such as allergies and illness from bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Drag out the timeline with  lack of abatement or with improperly addressing problems and they can cause a major ruckus requiring major work to make the structure healthy, safe and whole again.  


 (i.e. Roof rats which like elevated spaces, Norway rats which like lower areas and subterranean activity as well as mice, which go high and low and everywhere in between, require very small gaps to enter and once in travel through walls causing damage everywhere they go.)

Don't put a bandaid on your problem with bare minimum or maintenance, solve it with thoughtful, carefully planned and customized resolution through Ecora. 


See, most trades think like their trade and thats generally a good thinghowever, they are not thinking like a rodent and that creates a problem. A problem for you, the homeowner and a problem for the pest controller.  As the homeowner, you are going to be the one dealing with the rodents waking you up at night, in your belongings, crawling over you while you are sleeping or  damaging your property and putting yours and your families health at risk.  The problem for pest controller is that the pest control industry operates in an out of date way so has to battle outdated offerings by other companies. There has been virtually no change in approach to resolving pests over the years. Sure there is maintenance,  but maintenance often compounds the problem giving people a sense of security all the while, rodents are slowing destroying sensitive systems in the home. The problem of lack of forethought is one of the biggest causes of pest infestations, especially rodent infestations. It is not solely because rodents exist, it is because trades aren't completing their work in a way that anticipates for rodent behavior and this is because builders do not seem to understand the significant problems that homeowners face after they move in. They are simply unaware of a solution. This needs to change and pest controllers need to be more active in remodels and new construction. Companies do so for termite issues in other areas, but have no proactive construction process service for RODENTS, WHY?  


Fact is, trades are simply unaware of quantity of rodent concerns, how easy infestation occurs, or how much of a problem they cause people both in costs and emotional stress. Sometimes, there are budgetary reasons, but no matter the reason, an ounce of prevention  and some minimal upfront costs can go a long way in mitigating potential for problems. Infestations really should not happen as often as they do and they are largely avoidable if the work is done with attention to detail from the start.    

Keep in mind, even the highest quality builders homes end up with significant infestations because they do not account for or include meaningful proactive pest prevention efforts. Some will offer some pest maintenance for a term. Most pest control companies operate solely on maintenance plans. Pest Maintenance is not bad, there is a place for it and Ecora offers maintenance service, however maintenance doesn't solve rodent problems and it doesn't prevent them, at times makes matters worse. Only proactive efforts, knowledge of key issues, experience, insight and hard work can prevent.  

Pest Controllers need to be educating trades or better yet, managing the trades as the General Contractor or Builder. Ecora has experience doing just that and doing so on time and with the agreed budget. Ecora will be your advocate to get the job done right and will take practical steps to hold trades accountable on the job. Nothing is perfect and mistakes happen, that is WHY you need an advocate. To spot the problems as they occur and to take measures to address them quickly and efficiently on your behalf.  We cant promise that everything will go perfectly smooth, but we can promise to use experience dealing with problems to overcome them efficiently.


When it comes to preventing infestations, JUST THINK:

- What if the cable installer, electrician, Hvac tech, plumber properly sealed around their openings?

What if framers framed tighter in the sill plates and rim joist and roofing transitions?

-What if the foundation installers knew that rodents burrow under foundations and create infestations they might offer another service as an add on? (its WAY easier to pour concrete barrier in a crawlspace before its made into a crawlspace and A LOT less expensive)

-What if the roofer knew that their brand new roof would create an infestation from the gap they leave at the soffits, eaves or roof transitions?

-What if the owner and the builder were educated on things that can be done during the build/remodel process? 

-What if the landscaper did not plant trees and shrubs too close to the structure?

-What if the drainage folks did not install downspouts that drain into the crawlspace? 


However, just imagine if someone, a knowledgable someone, an experienced General Contractor and pest focussed expert was present during the construction process to identify and address concerns within each trade as they complete their work? Well,  future costs could be reduced and massive problems truly mitigated or averted altogether. This is where Ecora comes in.  If you plan on living in your home and desire peace of mind and a stress free, pest mitigated home ownership experience,  or simply a pest focussed expert General Contractor, reach out now! Contract with Ecora and we will advocate and do all practically possible to ensure success and stress free experience throughout the entire process. 




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