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Take action now and minimize pest activity. Some pests pose serious health hazard to pets and humans. Other pests cause damage to our homes, plants, gardens, cars and property. Even though there is not a way to prevent or eliminate pests completely, there are some pest prevention tips that many find useful.

All pests will initially enter the home from the exterior. If you apply your pest control energy outdoors, you can minimize the effect pest issues have on your home and family.

Understand what pests are. All life is beneficial in its proper place. Insects and Rodents become pests when they pose safety risk to humans, cause damage to property or become a nuisance. Every home and business structure offers the perfect environment for pests to thrive. Food, Water and shelter.


  • Mow your lawn, prune plants away from your foundation. Be sure to deal with yard maintenance weekly because when tall grass, untamed bushes and rotting vegetation are present, a perfect harborage environment exists for undesired pests.

  • If you have edible gardens, make sure fallen rotting fruit is picked up and disposed of.

  • Keep garbage cleaned up and bins at least three feet from the structure. Ensure the lids are closed. Do not keep garbage bins (even if empty) stored in your garage. The remaining organic matter in a garbage can is enough to attract various pests.

  • Trim tree branches away from the roofline. If you were 30 feet tall, you would like to be able to walk all the way around a structure shoulder width without being obstructed by branches. Going further, because rodents can jump vertically 3-4 feet and horizontally the same, it is best to keep branches trimmed 5 feet from roofline. Rodents are also known to fall from branches onto roofs 10-15 feet without injury. This is important because ants and rodents often find entry on the roof and in eaves.

  • Strive to keep plants and gardens maintained. Keep plants and brush away from the structure. Three feet is the magic number, by creating this distance, our product is able to work effectively and the branches if touching the siding can act as a pathway over our pest control  protection barrier.

  • Keep mulch three feet away from the structure, mulch holds moisture and many insects are attracted to it.

  • Look for areas of standing water and remove them. By eliminating water you will reduce pest populations significantly. Mosquitoes, ants, spiders and many more.

  • Clean gutters regularly. When gutters clog up, the leaves and roof dirt washes into the gutters holding moisture and creates a sizeable conducive situation for many different insects and rodents.

  • Remember to keep wood stacks and compost bins away from the structure. The farther, the better is the best rule but at a minimum of 6 feet away from the foundation and siding. By creating this distance from the foundation, you will allow our products to work most efficiently. Any wood pile or compost bin will attract insects, so the focus here is management.

  • Ensure all vents, screens, door stripping and caulking has proper fit and seal. This is very important. Insects are very small and persistent. Even with a proper seal, they can find a way in. However, don't be discouraged, every action you take will help reduce pests. (Remember, an adult size rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.)

  • Check for and repair plumbing leaks and ensure there are no pipe gaps. Often, moisture will build up from condensation and will create a feeding source for ants and many other pests.

  • Keep attic and crawlspace vents and entrances sealed. We are called into countless situations where rodents have gotten into the attic or crawlspace and ruined beloved belongings along with critical building systems such as insulation, electrical wiring, moisture barriers, etc.

  • Pests love to hide, in fact, in the pest control industry, we encounter infestations regularly that people had no idea about. Rodents, Ants, Spiders, Carpet Beetles, Bedbugs, Even fleas.  i.e. Someone calls us out for spider treatment and they have ants infesting.  In every case, Ecora is here to help.  

  • Keep pet food contained in sealed bins and do not leave pet food outside over night, this eliminates an easy food source for insects, rodents and other wildlife which are most active at night.

  • Keep floors, pantry areas and counter tops as clean as possible. Even in the cleanest environments, organic matter has opportunity to build up and attract flies, ants and other pests.



For more specific tips related to your situation, call Ecora today and we will send a trained, licensed and Knowledgable pest control technician to assist you.  425-903-3345


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