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Pest Control Services

Ecora provides professional Pest Control Service in Seattle, WA | Everett, WA | Bellevue, WA )


  •   Basic Insect Control and Management

Common Household Pests such as: Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, Flies, Fleas, Ticks, Sowbugs, Beetles,    Wasps, Yellow Jackets, mosquitoes and more.

Pantry Pests i.e. grain beetles, moths and more.

Garden Pests i.e. slugs and snails, aphids.


  •  Basic Rodent Control and Management

Strategic Baiting and trapping

Rodent Removal

Population Monitoring


  •  Mole Treatment and Repellent Application

        Specialty Pest Services:


  •   Rodent Exclusion

Closure of Entry Points with Rodent Proof Materials and Rodent Proof Methods

Specialty exclusion/ burrowing rodents


  •   Bedbug Elimination

Technical Inspection

Access to k-9 services

Strategic Bedbug Product Application

Heat treatment Application

Dry Heat Steam Application


  •   Wood Destroying Insects

Wood Boring Beetle

Carpenter Ant

Termite Control



  •   Crawlspace and Attic Restorations

Rodent Cleanup

Removal and Replacement of Rodent Damaged Insulation and other building materials

Antimicrobrial application






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