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Rodent Control & Exclusion


Entry Points

If you are like most people, you have found yourself dealing with rodents and you want to stop them from entering. You have looked around, you've hired a company, you have had rodent control but you still are dealing with rodents.   Ecora can help. We specialize in rodent control and exclusion. 

Structures are full of holes due to NORMAL construction gap and Rodents capitalize on them. Roofers do a good job roofing, carpenters with carpentry, however they are not rodents nor rodent experts. The result is normal gap that rodents enter your crawlspace, attic and home through. Even without gap, rodents are notorious for creating entry. They chew and gnaw right through many of the common building materials. They do this minimally when conducive conditions are minimized.  The above illustration illistrates only a few of the types of entry we see, an example of one not listed is gaps in seal plate which rests on the concrete foundation. This commonly allows for entry between siding and foundation. 

Its not a matter of if but when rodents become a problem at your home. You may have a problem now and just don't know about it. That is the thing with rodents, they are typically onsite, out of sight, out of mind, until they are in your sight and by that point and very much in your mind,  they have typically caused significant damage and pose health concerns. You hear people say, "I live in the woods, there is no stopping them. " or " I have tried everything. I give up."  In reality, rodents are difficult to deal with, but not impossible. What it takes is knowledge, tedious inspection, attention to detail and the right material/methods to seal entry points with.  How can you gain confidence entry points are sealed if the time necessary isn't spent to inspect. You can only seal the gap you find.

Conducive Conditions

Conducive conditions are anything that makes an attractive environment for the pest or basically summed in 3 things. Food, Water and Shelter.  Some examples are shrubs growing up to the foundation and siding, a low deck, edible plants, sheds, under sheds, where two pieces of concrete or walls meet, roof transitions, overgrown grass, English ivy or other ground cover, blackberry bushes, rockeries and so many more. Again, the thing to remember is, all pests come around for 3 things, food, water and shelter. Our house offers all of this.


The more you minimize conducive conditions, seal entry points and become proactive, the more you mitigate your home from future infestation. While the expense may be more significant up front, you can have more confidence in knowing that your chances of re-infestation are being minimized. 

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